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Business Continuity Services

The north east has experienced tornados, 2 hurricanes, a Nor’easters and one earth quake (this last one wasn’t bad, but it can happen) in the past 2 years. Many clients have been working with us to put together contingency plans which can keep an organization running during these emergency situations. Tech Effect Consultants and our business partners have been called upon and successfully dealt with these situations. We offer 3 possible levels of services which can help protect your business and livelihood in the case of environmental devastation wrought by Mother Nature.

Business Continuity Services: In the event of an extended server outage,  natural disaster, or some other event which forces you and your company to work outside of your regular work environment, you need to have a plan to keep your business up and running if your work space becomes inoperable. Business Continuity is broken into the following sub areas of planning:

Data Backup: Insure your organization is protected with a robust solution which will allow you to work in the most extreme circumstances. We will work with you to customize any of our three service offerings to fit your budget and planning needs:

1.        Highest Service:  Through our featured service: Axcient Solutions for the ultimate in protection. There is local, full server backup and  cloud hosted backup to insure maximum up-time management.

a.         Configure frequency of disk image protection
b.         Get failed servers and applications running in minutes with a single click
c.         Create complete server or desktop disk images to restore to different hardware
d.         Failover to the Axcient onsite appliance, or in case of total site failure, failover to a virtual office in the cloud
e.         Test failover capabilities without impacting production environment
f.         Restore back to the replacement server at your convenience
g.         These are the key features of the Axcient product:

-   Nohardware to purchase

-    No software agents to install or manage

-    Backup and restore for Windows®, Linux, and Mac OSX machines concurrently

-    Patent-pending reverse incremental technology enables fastest possible restores

-    Microsoft application aware backups (Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, and Sharepoint)

-    Image backup and Bare Metal Restore (BMR) of laptops, desktops, and servers

-   Backup and BMR of virtual servers (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and XenServer)

-    Anti-corruption technology to ensure health of backups

-    End user or administrator driven data recovery

-    Customizable scheduling and retention policies for compliance and archiving.

2.         Alternate Service: If you have multiple locations, we have worked with many vendors to create a redundant data and server network that you are in full control of to insure that if one office is not accessible, the data is at another location and can be setup remotely to effectively move your primary functions to the other local for rapid uptime.

3.         Lower Cost Service: We work with smaller data backup companies (i.e. Mozy backup, Gillware Backup…) to create smaller “just data” backup and datacenters to create temporary cloud servers and load your data so you can be up and running again.

Disaster Preparation:

Disaster preparations involve having a plan and determining when and how to enact on the serious of triggers in the plan. It requires that a company can identify what are the core operation elements of their organization and insure that in times of emergency the elements can be restored, replicated or replaced.

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